The Plant Sample Submission app is a new way to submit digital images to the Schutter Lab when you are on the go. 

Here is the link for the app on iOS platforms, and here is the link for the app for Android platforms

Please note: we charge a fee for out of state samples submitted through the app, and we do not diagnose samples from outside the contiguous United States. 

How To Use the App

First, set up your profile:

1) Open the app.

2) Go to "Selected Lab," click "Select a Lab," choose "Montana," and click "Save."

3) Go to "Submitter Information," enter your information as prompted, and click "Save."

4) Choose "Tips for Taking Photos" and scroll through all the tips, then click "Done."

5) Click "Finish." You are ready to submit a sample!

Next, submit a photo:

You MUST take your photos first and save them to your phone. 

1) Take a photo and save it to your phone. 

2) On the "Sample type" page, choose your sample type.

3) If this is for a client, click "yes" to enter their information (will be "no" unless you are a consultant or Extension faculty).

4) Answer all pertinent questions (make sure to fill in required fields) and click "Next".

5) Fill in the box under "Describe the problem in detail."

6) Click "+" in the upper right corner.

7) Click "Select from library." "Take photo" does not work.

8) Select photo and click "Use photo."

9) Enter description in "Describe this photo" box.

10) If sending a physical sample in addition to photos, click "I am also sending a physical sample."

11) Click "Accept terms and submit."

12) The app will review your forms and photos. Then click "Send" in the upper right hand corner. 

Sample is submitted!