Fungal structures of Taphrina
Oak blister on bur oak

Services Offered

A variety of services are offered by the disease diagnostic personnel. These include:
  • Visual Identification including Microscopy
  • Culturing for Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens
  • ELISA Tests for Selected Pathogens
    (call for pathogens and prices)
  • Molecular Diagnostics for Selected Pathogens 
    (call for pathogens and prices)

In order to give an accurate diagnosis, the clinic must receive a sample in good condition with a sufficient amount of plant material. Please read these instructions.

Instructions for submitting samples

Forms for submitting samples

Descriptions of the problem and background information are necessary for a good diagnosis. Print and complete the correct form with as much detail as possible.

General Plant Disease Form

Turf Disease Form


Eva Grimme, PhD, Plant Pathology Diagnostician
Mary Burrows, PhD, Plant Pathology Extension Specialist
Barry Jacobsen, PhD, Plant Pathology Extension Specialist