Questions to ask clients:

Please be as accurate as possible in filling out the Mushroom ID Form. For accurate identification, it is important to know the habitat in which the mushrooms are growing. For example: some mushroom species only grow near poplar trees and may be in a lawn growing on the roots of poplar trees. Some may grow in a lodgepole pine forest, whereas others may grow in a pasture far from any trees.

Please make sure you let us know your question. For example:

  • Is it edible?
  • Is it poisonous?
  • How do I get rid of it?
  • What is it (curiosity)?
  • Etc.

Specimen Submission:

1. Please send at least 2 specimens for identification.
2. Include the whole mushroom cap, stem and MOST IMPORTANTLY any underground structures.
3. Submit fresh specimens, if possible include both young and mature samples.
4. Wrap each specimen separately in wax paper or newspaper (newspaper has properties that reduce decay). Please DO NOT place specimens in plastic bags since this will hasten decay.
5. DO NOT wrap different specimens together!
6. Mail in a sturdy box. Please DO NOT mail in an envelope since this will squash the specimens.
7. Write: Mushroom specimens-refrigerate immediately in large letters on the box.
8. Mail to address in the left navigation bar on this page. Remember to mail the form with the specimen.