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Before you submit a sample, please be aware of the following:

  • Please note we charge fees for out-of-state samples, as well as several tests outside of routine diagnosis. Make sure to contact us with any questions if you are uncertain which testing is needed. 

  • We do not process human or human-related insect identification samples such as scotch tape samples from skin, hair, or other tissue samples. Insect identification samples must be a visible insect or arthropod that can be placed in a collecting jar or vial.     

  • We do not diagnose marijuana samples or photos of marijuana pests or diseases.


  • We have a new app available for digital sample submission. It is available for both iPhone and Android. Please note: we charge a fee for out of state samples submitted through the app and we do not diagnose samples from outside the contiguous United States. 

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Plant Disease 

PDFInstructions PDFForm
Eva Grimme, PH.D.
Plant Pathology Diagnostician
P: (406) 994-5150
E: eva.grimme@montana.edu


PDFInstructions PDFForm
Laurie Kerzicnik, PH.D.
Associate Extension Specialist
P: (406) 994-5704
E: lauren.kerzicnik@montana.edu

Plant ID

PDFPlant ID InstructionsPDFPlant ID Form
Noelle Orloff
Plant Identification Diagnostician
P: (406) 994-6297
E: noelleorloff@montana.edu

Additional Forms

Turf Disease

Mushroom ID

Aquatic Plant ID

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Safeguard Montana agriculture, landscapes and public spaces from plant pests by providing identification services, management advice, and education.

Minimize pesticide use by accurately identifying plant pests and providing science-based options for management.

Detect new and invasive pests that pose a risk to Montana and to the U.S. so they do not become significant limitations to agricultural production and international trade.

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Great Plains Diagnostic Network, National Plant Diagnostic Network, Montana State University College of Agriculture, Extension Service, and the Departments of Animal & Range Sciences, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences, and Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology, and the MSU Entomology Group